An unlikely urban sighting

Finding predators lurking in the garden is not that usual in our neighbourhood, but for a while a female rooikat (Caracal caracal)  comfortably took up residence alongside the urban edge rearing her young over a couple of years.  Sightings of her and the kits were always thrilling, whether hunting or just passing through.

WPC: Unlikely


Earth Day

Commit to becoming a Garbage Warrior!

According to Earthday network – “This year’s Earth Day is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to eventually end plastic pollution, according to Earth Day Network.”

“Plastic pollution is now an ever-present challenge. We can see plastics floating in our rivers, ocean and lagoons, littering our landscapes and affecting our health and the future of billions of children and youth. We have all contributed to this problem –- mostly unknowingly,” Valeria Merino, vice president of Global Earth Day at Earth Day Network, said in a statement.

It’s all so familiar – the scenes below were recently taken on what used to be a pristine beach.

What if there was a dead simple way to turn your waste into green construction material and keep it out of our ocean and landfills?

Meet the EcoBrick

Photo copyright Katherine Smith

A dynamic team in Cape Town head up

“We do this by using EcoBricks – plastic waste compressed into PET-bottles – a highly insulating building material that is water-, fire- and even bullet-proof.

Our programmes empower individuals to address the shortage of quality education facilities, implement sustainable waste management systems and raise environmental awareness.’

Everybody should be participating and adding encouragment to such projects.

As well it is heartening to see that similar projects are happening worldwide / see the ‘OceanEcoBrick’ link below.

Rise up everybody and help stem the tide of plastic pollution!


The penguins at Boulders beach

The charismatic African penguins living in my  neighbourhood are back in the news. A notice was put out last month by the South African National Parks board that a strain of avian influenza virus (H5N8 strain) has been detected in the colony at Boulders Beach.   So far penguin eighteen deaths have been noted.  The state veterinarians are working to contain the outbreak.  Let’s hope they succeed.