Cape Clawless Otter


We don’t often get to see the otters as they’re shy, elusive creatures, preferring to keep their distance from people.  In a rare moment as the sun peeped above the horizon I had a glimpse of a mum and pup.  Over the months I’ve  been keeping a look out for this pair.   Now the pup is almost fully grown. In-the-morning-light

25 thoughts on “Cape Clawless Otter

    1. Full maturity is reached when about a year old… i’m guessing that this one must be about 8 – 9 months. The mothers do the rearing. Watched with interest a ‘lesson’ on skinning a pyjama shark – sharing her food.

  1. Have been on Kiawah 13 years now and ably saw an otter once. Since my home is on Otter Island Road I’m sure they’re around but so hard to see. Great catch!

    1. Otter island, lovely and an expectation 🙂 How’s the ecology on those barrier islands, marshy, brackish water? The Cape otters tolerate sea water but are equally happy to be inland in rivers.

  2. I am so impressed about this wonderful photo – That is something I have been dreaming on for years and years to catch animal like this! -Wonderful Wonderful 😀

    1. Elusive for sure, but can’t help wondering about declining population numbers? Here on the Peninsula trap cameras are being used to log sightings and collate information. Suspect that their numbers have decreased.

  3. I know well what you mean about no choice as to shooting into the sun or even time to adjust camera settings. But ‘magic moments’ sometimes happen in spite of the odds, and this is one of them!

  4. Great capture,Liz. Getting the composition and lighting correct while photographing animals in the wild, especially the elusive ones is no mean feat. Love the lighting, background and composition of this image.

  5. I envy your access to wildlife, particularly this time of year when everything is covered with ice and snow here. It’s rumored that we have otters in our river but I’ve yet to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Beautiful photos! Great site!

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