Tarchonanthus-Littoralis---Coastal-Camphor-Tree My Grandmother's camphor wood kistBy chance this week’s WordPress photo challenge is “Nostalgic “which by happy coincident ties in with one of my gardening tasks.  I pruned back our wild and woody coastal camphor trees (Tarchonanthus littoralis).   The first picture shows a tip cutting full of cottony seed buds which have burst forth.  It’s lingering scent sparked a memory of my paternal grandmother’s camphor wood linen kist, seen here above.  She used it to store her needlework and embroidery yarns and other handwork paraphenalia, crochet hooks, knitting needles.  It was passed onto me – a cherished possession.   Like the genie in the bottle, opening the lid releases a rich nostalgia, the carefree memories of childhood, and of a grandmother who passed on her passion and love of handcrafts.

10 thoughts on “Nostalgic

  1. Thanks for this wonderful post, Liz. The carefrree memories of childhood and grandparents come back to me when I read your words. It’s like a precious gift!

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Greetings from sunny and very sommerwarm North Norfolk

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