Southern Right Whales

Southern Right Whale_DSC3855It’s always a thrill to see the first of the Southern right whales as they return to the Cape Peninsula shores to mate and calve at this time of the year.  Their V-shaped water spout is their signature mark distinguishing them from the bushy-shaped blow of the Bryde and humpbacks.

Hope you find the post interesting as it’s inspired by this week’s photo challenge:  Split-second story – playing documentary photographer.


14 thoughts on “Southern Right Whales

  1. That’s a fine image and an interesting story, Liz! How long do they stay?
    Are they protected in any way or this turned into a touristy event? Whale watching is a popular thing. In North Norfolk Seal watching is big business. Seal-trips-boating etc.
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Dina xo

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