The 2016 Cape Cycle Tour

Capetonians were out in force today to cheer the 35,000 participants of the 39th Cape Town cycle tour.  The front runners rounding the bend on Fisherman’s Beach were in fine form, the leader (No 22) set a cracking pace.   It was a sight to see the main pelotons bunched tightly togther.  But it wasn’t only about the competitive cyclists, many participants – in all shapes and sizes came through in high spirits regardless of setting pace.


14 thoughts on “The 2016 Cape Cycle Tour

      1. Goddamn men in tights. Face it, you chicks go crazy for ’em.

        If I ever get it together to get myself a decent bike, you’ll find me down at the Point, riding in jeans and walking boots – with bicycle clips.

        Somewhere on Smitswinkelvlakte or up the side of Bonteberg.

        I’m definitely old school :).

    1. That’s right! It’s all finely co-ordinated and managed. All staggered through time slots with the pros up first at 6.15am and then in batches up till 10am. The race is 109kms and the winner was over the finish line in 2 hours 35 minutes. The rest of the pack have must be over the line by 5pm. It’s a prestigous race for cyclists, and is also a great fund-raiser for charities.

  1. Yep … it’s the world’s largest timed cycle race – and the charity side of it is immense. We also get our fair share of celebrities coming out to ride – the Richard Bransons, Lance Armstrongs et al. But the topography of the city is so way different to any other Eliza, it’s difficult to imagine unless you take a close look at Google Earth.

    Compared to a U.S. city like Boston, we have fewer people than urban Boston (about 3.75 million) and about the same area as greater Boston. We’re virtually surrounded by the sea and have the mountain at our backs. Half the city is a National Park, so it makes for mind-blowing scenery and some hard cycling.

    We are, to put it bluntly, bloody fortunate :).

    1. I guess chaos reigns on the roads over there?!! Mind you Cape Town is under ‘lock-down’ when the cycle tour is on, not that the citizen’s mind as it’s a great event for all. It is held on a Sunday for minimum disruption; the residents set up and line the pavements with chairs and umbrellas (if the wind permits). The spectators take on a festive part – cheering and cajoling the participants…. great fun.

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