April: Macros in the Garden

I’m up for Jude’s challenge this month, getting closer to subject matter in the garden.

It’s a dynamic time here in the Western Cape, South Africa where autumn has an array of tricks up her sleeve.Β  Take a peek at what’s happening in my garden: a budding blushing bride; hot pink portulaca sporting a sexy stigmas and stamens, and the pest in the plot – a green shield stink bug.

Serruria florida_Blushing Bride Portulaca stigma and stamens Southern Green Shield _ Stinkbug

35 thoughts on “April: Macros in the Garden

  1. heavens these are all beauties and that stink bug! Oh, wow, I have to get a close up of one of those. I never knew they have such interesting faces. You have captured his smile perfectly πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Gilly. Lots of buds setting – a bit early for spring flowering with winter still to get through. Watching the blushing bride protea buds keenly – could be open in a couple of weeks. Wee green beastie may be banished soon.

    1. Thanks for the comments Kim. I tend to use my Nikon D300 with Nikkor micro 105mm lens plus extension tubes. Also use a Nikon D810 but generally have my telephoto set up. Macros take patience and the trick is getting the focal plane right.

  2. Love the bug – we have native green shield bugs here in the UK too, but we don’t call them stink bugs! The natives don’t cause damage to plants, but we do have an invader, the southern green shield bug that may cause distorted bean pods and damaged fruits.

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