April: Macros in the Garden II

Serruria florida_01 Serruria florida_02 Serruria florida_03

Just sneaking in before Jude’s topic for April’s garden challenge comes to an end.  Earlier this month i posted the unopen bud so i’m happy that it blossomed in time to reveal it’s full beauty.  The Serruria protea genus has 55 species and ‘florida’ falls under the Mountain Skirted Spiderheads and this gorgeous specimen is known colloquially as “The Blushing Bride”.   Curiously it is blooming early, it’s season should start from July through to October.  The close-up view shows it’s cunning design – how the flowerhead divides into a headlet of 45- 60 flowers.  Involucral bracts form a base and a ‘skirt’ of  white tipped perianth with long, silky hairs hold the pollen.

The species in the wild is “Critically Endangered”  but it’s popularity as a cut flower promotes it’s cultivation as a bedding plant.  We were fortunate to purchase this one from the Kirstenbosch nursery and it takes pride of place in our garden.

For further information check out the excellent site PlantzAfrica.

30 thoughts on “April: Macros in the Garden II

  1. I am not surprised it is pride of place in your garden, what a stunning plant! And what exquisite photos! Love those clashing colours in the second image. And I want one 😀

    1. Isn’t it gorgeous! And there’s quite a story as it was thought to have gone extinct but then a small population of about 1000 was discovered on the mountain slopes of Franschoek. Brought back from the brink….

    1. Really chuffed with this first flower!! It’s a new shrub in our garden and we’re hoping it survives as it’s a mountain species. Might be too protected here, should be exposed to cooler temperatures, more altitude….

  2. Exquisite, Liz – and that goes for your photos as well. The proteas we have here are nothing like this – and i applaud the name – so suitable in every way. Lucky you! I WANT ONE too!

      1. Ah, thank you. I love the intricate ways in which we name our plants. And this time there was a Swede involved as well… I must say your photos are far more beautiful than these in the text…Yours are heavenly.

    1. Thanks Nandini. This is the first flowering so this plant has me enthralled by it’s developing colours😊 It’s ‘blush’ is deepening by the day as the stamens burst and lay into the skirt.

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