15 thoughts on “Fine Feathers

    1. The light of dusk was in my favour here – showed up the depth of colour – and the surprising variety of colour, that buff tan and gold in contrast to the sumptous blues and greens. Staying in a small village – Nuneham Coutenay (near Oxford) where he and his harem live happily alongside the locals .

      1. Don’t you love those English names 🙂 Hope you are having a good trip, at least you have brought sunny South African weather with you.

      2. Yes, the names and their architectural ‘style’ – so quintessentially English – love the quirkiness, the gorgeous summer gardens, the thatch roofs, rambling roses. And there on possibly the hottest day of the year the Queen’s swan marker dressed in a woollen worsted jacket in a swan upping count!

    1. Thanks! I was hoping to get shote of him flying as it was dusk and his ‘ladies’ had already settled down to roost and were calling him. I messed up though as i was ahead rather than being behind. He needed a long range take off run before becoming airborne – too close for my telephoto lens to focus. What a flap of wings and trailing of tail feathers!

    1. He was a fabulous model too, doing pirouettes and turns. A ‘wild’ bird living like a country squire – happily in residence in a small characterful village near Oxford. Here on holiday walking stretches of the Thames Path 🙂

    1. There he was up an English lane (near Oxford) amd not in the least camera shy either, preening, posturing. Here i am visiting this beautiful country of yours walking stretches of the Thames Path 😊

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