15 thoughts on “Green Bouquet

  1. In the Indian summer, which is now, I hardly touch meat. It is too hot. I drink lots of water, so I am very concerned about water purity and conservation

    1. Must be difficult coping with high summer temperatures.So often we see the international weather forecasts being up in the 40*C . I join you in the concern over water conservation and purity of potable supply. We’re at crisis point in the Cape – in the grip of a severe drought down to 10% dam levels. Sufficient, clean drinking water is becoming ever more crucial. Stretching the planets resources …

      1. It is. May and June are hot (40-47 *C in Delhi) and dry. I find it hard, and the sun is strong. Yet, the climate has changed, and a bit of humidity has crept in during these months.

        I find July and August very hard, because of the humidity

        In general, I prefer the cold.

        When I can get out of the city to shoot landscapes, and i hope to resume this year, then I tend to focus on mountains and water bodies. We call the river our mother, then we pollute it

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