16 thoughts on “Danger!

    1. Yes, it’s so sad that the oceans and seas are so awash with dangerous flotsam and jetsam. So much plastic and worse the lines/ ropes that entangle the creatures. Just want to weep!

    1. Isn’t it awful for the sea creatures- entanglements appear to be happening more frequently. Here the NSRI based in Simons Town do duty calls for seals and whales entangled in rope or plastic. Some months ago a crew cut a whale free from fishing line. Apparently it was quite a tricky operation and one of the chaps had to jump into the sea to get alongside the whale. Finally they managed to cut away all the line. As if in a response of thanks the whale stayed with the boat for about ten minutes resting it’s head on the edge of the gunnels before sounding to the depths. The crew were quite emotional when reporting the event.

  1. So sad. The zoo here in Melbourne has a lot of rescued seals that have been injured in the same way. They do a great education programme but I suspect it doesn’t target the right people.

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