Collage: Swallowtail butterfly

The striking colours and patterns of the Citrus Swallowtail  (Papilio demodocus demodocus) butterfly magnified under a macro lens show up a magificence of texture.

WPC: Collage



15 thoughts on “Collage: Swallowtail butterfly

  1. I love swallowtails. I once saw a stunning black/brown one (spicebush swallowtail) and the blue on it was mesmerizing, similar to the blue in your photos. The blue pattern looked like shooting stars. I remember thinking the blue was stardust! 😊

    1. Aren’t they an exquisite species! So many variations in design. I googled the spicebush – so gorgeous and can imagine an irridescense of blue stardust. Love your description Mary of the shooting stars and stardust.

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