The Octopus’s Garden


Krista poses the question this week: “If given the choice, what would you rather be doing, right now?”   Imagine a place – a “Stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off” kind of a place where you can escape the hurley-burley and be amazed and awed by a completely different world.  False Bay here in the southern peninsula of Cape Town is a wondrous place, where the influence of two ocean currents – the warm Agulhas and the cold Benguela mingle and create a flourishing ecosystem.

It’s been a while since i dipped below the waters, but recently my interest is inspired through the marvellous Blue Planet II series where the episode the ” Green Seas” features the extraordinary creatures living in the kelp forest including the cunning behaviour of a smart octopus.

WPC: Rather


9 thoughts on “The Octopus’s Garden

    1. Hi Diana, there’s often a mistaken issue over the oceans and the currents and where they meet! The Indian and Atlantic oceans I believe are declared to meet at Cape Agulhas. The currents have a more complex dispersal and overlap and I carefully chose the description of the currents ‘mingling’ as I understand from the excellent information from Prof George Branch and Margo Branch’s ‘The Living Shores’ that the Agulhas current is a complex water system sweeping southwards and then returning eastwards as the Return Agulhas but three other circuits also exist and also there is a description have ‘filaments’ which detach and swirl around Cape Point. An excellent detailed satellite image using infrared shows up the warm/cold water and the complex mixing of the two water masses. Fascinating stuff.

  1. Lovely photos and writing. I’m very curious to figure out what kind of ecosystem thrives in an environment like that. I imagine it’s pretty diverse, considering there are so many varied conditions.

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