Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Sara Rosso poses the question on what emotions the sea evokes for this week’s photo challenge: “… do you remember the first time you went in the water; had a wave crash on you… do you feel more peaceful around water, feel the sand burn your feet?”
As a child, my siblings and i spent summers messing about in water. Holidays were spent near a river leading to the sea and there we learned the ways of currents, tides, waves. Later i learned to scuba dive and sail and that was the start to messing about in boats. It forged a passion and yearning, a way of life which follows natural rhythms and a respect for the elements.
This week i returned home from a trip abroad to be greeted by a growling sea with a deep pounding beat; the Peninsula had been racked by a low weather system which brought with it a startling dump of snow to Table Mountain and wrought raging waves.
Now, living so close to the water’s edge, it’s the voice of the sea that holds me in it’s thrall…. some days it’s the sheerest of whispers, gentle lullabies. Sometimes the mood is percussive, with a tympanists’ beating rhythm, like castanets rumbling over the pebbly beach. The songs are forever changing, subscribed symphonies to lift the soul.
Jacques Cousteau summed it up …. ” the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”


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False Bay: Unruffled

Some of our best days come at the back end of summer.  This morning’s dawn crept in with a silvery sheen; a light gossamer veil. 01_A-silvery-dawn 02_Dawn-slips-in-with-a-silvery-light. 03_Sun-sparkle

The sheerest whisper from the sea set a gentle tone, a backdrop for the dawn chorus.  The feathered fraternity set to with great gusto from the raucous call of the Egyptian geese to the sweetest of tweets from the little White-eyes.  Out too were swarms of bugs (the miggie brigade), butterflies, bumble bees, flies.   Right in front of our patio we were treated to aerobatic displays as sunbirds, sugarbirds, chats  swooped in diving and chasing after a protein breakfast on the wing.  The Cape Sugarbirds stole the show with their elegant long tails.  The choreography was as complex as a gymnast’s engaging in a floor routine with a long set of ribbons.

04_Sugarbird-on-bug-watch 05_Chasing-bugs

By mid-morning the clouds rolled in, unfurling a meteorological text – forecasting a low front for tomorrow….. rain’s coming.

07_Morning-light 08_Mares-tails 09_Rain-coming

Humpbacks: having a whale of a time in False Bay.

At this time of year whale spotting is part of a daily event; crowds often gather on the coastline to admire these magnificent giants.  We expect to see Southern Right whales as they migrate from the Antartic to calve and mate in the waters around the Cape, but it’s been an unexpected bonus to sight Humpback whales this past week.  These fabulous acrobats are in fine form; loptailing with great gusto, leaping right clear of the water and creating spectacular splashdowns.  While engrossed in their antics, at the other end of the size scale, the tiny penguins almost passed unnoticed.  Ungainly on land they transform into ‘flying’ torpedos, finessing bait fish with their speed and agility.

Humpback whales have distinctive features, a curving shape and dorsal fin, long pectoral fins, black and white tails and knobbly heads.


Penguin line-up.

Penguins on the hunt.